Designing for Quality

Quality Matters and Sloan-C

The University Senate’s Scholastic Standards Committee’s Online Standards Subcommittee has endorsed 2 separate sets of criteria for use in the University’s online endeavors. The faculty group endorsed the Quality Matters Rubric for use in the development of online courses. Quality Matters describes itself as “a faculty-centered, peer review process that is designed to certify the quality of online and blended courses.”

The same committee endorsed the Online Learning Consortium Quality Scorecard as a rubric for the University’s entire online enterprise. Formerly Sloan-C, the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) describes the scorecard as a tool that “the "continues to advance the field, simplifying the steps needed to identify, measure and quantify elements of quality within an online education program.”

eCampus uses both measures in developing courses and supporting the ongoing growth of our online services. Faculty are encouraged to become familiar with both the Quality Matters Rubric and the OLC Scorecard before they begin working on their online courses. The eCampus instructional design process is designed to ensure that the QM standards are supported in all courses we develop.

eCampus will provide faculty with the complete 28 page "Quality Matters Rubric Workbook for Higher Education" upon request. Please email if you are interested


UConn is an institutional member of both organizations. More information is available at these sites: