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eCampus is dedicated to the support and advancement of best practices in teaching and learning at UConn. Professional staff work with individual faculty, teaching assistants, students, departments and the academic administration to create a culture which values teaching and learning, supports and rewards faculty innovation, and encourages respect for all learners.

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CETL Events and Workshops

  1. May 17 Healing Racial Trauma From The Inside Out9:00am
  2. May 17 Deepening The Conversation: Embodied Trauma & Embodied Wisdom11:00am
  3. May 17 W (Writing-Intensive) Teaching Orientation1:00pm
  4. May 18 The Role Of Racial Identity In Our Collective Work9:00am
  5. May 18 Deepening The Conversation: Reflective Practice On Your Identity(ies) In The Classroom11:00am
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