Online Course Support Request Process

Requesting Support for Graduate Course Design and Development

eCampus supports schools, colleges, departments, and programs in the development of high-quality online courses that are part of a fully online graduate degree or certificate program.

Faculty interested in working with eCampus to develop graduate courses should first consult with their department head or program director to receive approval and information related to existing or pending degree or certificate programs. When this information is confirmed please email to request a meeting to discuss next steps in developing an online course. To ensure high-quality courses, please contact eCampus 5-6 months prior to the semester the new course will be delivered.

NOTE: Faculty developing graduate courses do not need to complete the forms listed below for undergraduate courses.

Requesting Support for Undergraduate Course Design and Development (For Online WW Courses Only)

eCampus supports faculty in the development of high-quality online courses that expand undergraduate learning opportunities.

PLEASE NOTE: eCampus will not be opening a call for proposals for Summer 2022 Online Course. There is a temporary hold on all Summer Online Course development.

Faculty interested in developing online courses for sessions other than Summer 2022 should contact eCampus.



Questions? Please contact eCampus?

Phone: 860-486-1080