Online Course Support Request Process

Requesting Support for Graduate Course Design and Development

eCampus supports schools, colleges, departments, and programs in the development of high-quality online courses that are part of a fully online graduate degree or certificate program. Faculty interested in working with eCampus to develop graduate courses should first consult with their department head or program director to receive approval and information related to existing or pending degree or certificate programs. When this information is confirmed please email to request a meeting to discuss next steps in developing an online course. To ensure high-quality courses, please contact eCampus 5-6 months prior to the semester the new course will be delivered.

NOTE: Faculty developing graduate courses do not need to complete the forms listed below for undergraduate courses.

Requesting Support for Undergraduate Course Design and Development (For Online WW Courses Only)

eCampus supports faculty in the development of high-quality online courses that expand undergraduate learning opportunities. Currently the area of focus is on high-demand, high-enrollment, General Education undergraduate online (WW) courses. To request eCampus support in design and development of an online course, complete and submit the eCampus Online Course Support Request Form and Department Head/Program Director Approval form to

All interested faculty are encouraged to contact eCampus for more information prior to completing these forms. Please refer to the timeline below for specific information, dates, and deadlines.

Important Information

The following documents are referenced throughout the support request process. Please review them prior to submitting support requests.



eCampus Online Course Support Timeline For Summer 2022 Course Delivery

Prior to Submission - Review information on Designing and Developing Effective Online Course
- Review eCampus Knowledge Base for background information on Online Course Design, Development, and Teaching

- Consult with Director of UConn Online  to discuss process and answer any questions


Deadline to Submit eCampus Online Course Support Request Form and Department Head/Program Director Approval form to

(NOTE: Requests received after October 18 will be considered but may not be supported for Summer 2022. No new course support requests will be considered after December 6, 2021. Faculty at any time can follow Self-Guided Online Course Design and Development process and consult as needed with eCampus and CETL for guidance and support.)

11/1/2021 - Faculty contacted regarding course support and next steps
- Faculty participate in fully online eCampus facilitated "Exploring Online Learning" two week short-course
November through May - Attend kick off meeting with eCampus staff
- Begin course design with eCampus Instructional Design Staff
- Participate in CETL faculty development opportunities, lunchtime seminars, and online training
- Design, Plan and Build Course
May 2022 - Course Design and Development Complete
- Internal Quality Matters Review and Faculty Quality Matters Self-Review
- For funded course projects, $7500 payment made to faculty upon successful completion of course design and development, submission by faculty of a completed Quality Matters Self-Review, and eCampus confirmation that all Quality Matters 3 point standards are met.
May/Summer 2022 - Course Taught
July/August 2022 - Course Evaluation and Review
Fall 2022 - Revise for delivery in future semesters/session

Faculty who are unable to meet the listed deadlines are encouraged to contact eCampus to discuss other options and opportunities.

Faculty interested in developing courses without the support of eCampus are encouraged to review eCampus' Self-Guided Online Course Design and Development web site.

Questions? Please contact eCampus?

Phone: 860-486-1080