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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

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Technical Help

iconWhere do I login to my online course?

Login to HuskyCT with your NetID and password by going to

iconHow do I obtain a NetID or reset my password?

Check the UITS NetID website for information on NetID accounts.

iconWhat should I do if I am accessing my online course from a foreign country?

Some foreign countries may limit or prohibit access to certain US web-sites, including YouTube,, and other sites required for completing your online course. It is your responsibility to review the course syllabus ahead of time and understand any limitations there may be in accessing required content. While using UConn’s VPN might or might not allow you to gain access to HuskyCT and other related content, it is your responsibility to be aware of and abide by any laws and regulations where you are located.
iconWho do I contact for technical support in my HuskyCT course?

HuskyTech provides technical support for HuskyCT.

HuskyTech support information is also available from the Student Help tab within HuskyCT.

**For issues with playback of Mediasite videos, please complete the Mediasite Playback Error form.

iconHow can I receive help with Student Administration System (SAS)
(e.g., adding, dropping, or registering for courses, reviewing my schedule etc.)?

HuskyTech supports SAS:

iconWhere can I download software required by my course?

HuskyTech provides support with specific UConn licensed software.

Check the HuskyTech/UITS Software page for downloadable software.
iconWho do I contact for difficulty streaming videos from the Library Resources section of my course?

For problems streaming videos from the library, view the Streaming Video Help page.

iconWhere are the course reserves for my online course?

Course Reserves should be listed under the 'Library Resources' Course Menu link. For issues with course reserves, view the libraries Course Reserves help page.

Academic Help

iconHow do I access the UConn library system for academic help in my online course?

Search for books, ebooks, media, journals, etc. at the UConn Library website.

iconWhere can I find academic support for my online course?

The following tutoring services are available to UConn students:

iconHow do I contact the Registrar?

For information about services provided by the Registrar, visit their home page.

Check the Academic Calendar page for dates and deadlines in current and upcoming semesters.

iconWhat should I do if I need an accomodation in my online course?

To request accommodations for an online course, please contact the Center for Students with Disabilities.

iconWhere can I find information on career development?

The Center for Career Development provides services for both undergraduate and graduate students.

iconI’m enrolled in an online graduate program, where can I find more information?

The Graduate School site provides information for graduate students including current course offerings, registration and more.

Please email eCampus (, if you have further questions.

Students newly enrolled in an onlie course should review the information on the Enrolled Students page.

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