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The University of Connecticut has partnered with ProctorU for proctoring services for online courses.

Be sure you can access ProctorU from your location ad that you have the necessary minimum hardware and bandwidth requirements.

Get Started

  1. Review the ProctorU Welcome Page and read:
    1. How it Works
    2. What to Expect
    3. Requirements (and system test)
    4. FAQ (see various tabs) and
    5. Help Center
    6. Then, create your account\

After you’ve created your account, you need to schedule your exam(s).


Schedule Your Exam(s)

  1. Log into ProctorU
  2. Click Schedule a New Session
  3. Select “University of Connecticut”, the current term, and the exam from the 3 dropdown menus
  4. Click the “Find Sessions” button (You can use the Select a date, and Select a time features to filter your search)
  5. Click the “Find Available Times” button and then select a time slot on the right
    (Be sure to click “Schedule” to confirm the appointment.)

NOTE: Students will be assessed a $5.00 or $8.75 late fee if quizzes/exams are scheduled less than 72 hours in advance and may experience additional wait time for a proctor.

ProctorU Contact Information

If you have problems creating an account, logging into ProctorU, scheduling your exams, or need to contact ProctorU, you can reach them at:



  • Sign-up for your session well in advance
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early for your scheduled session
  • Expect some set-up time. The session begins with an authentication process and setup time before the exam is launched. (The exam timer won’t start until the exam is started)
  • Use a fast and reliable internet connection. Hardwire directly to your modem, if possible.  Other users on your network can affect the speed of your connection.  We recommend a minimum 3Mbps upload/download speed which is higher than ProctorU’s published minimum speed.  Try to determine your speed.
  • Have your workspace cleared, well lit and avoid backlit locations like sitting in front of a window.
  • Make sure you won’t be interrupted during the exam.
  • Have your ID ready to show the proctor.
  • Document technical problems by communicating with your instructor immediately (typically via email).  Provide screenshots, if you have them.
  • Know where to find ProctorU contact information in case of connection issues.  (It’s on this page)


Print friendly files:


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