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University of Connecticut eCampus

Enrolled Students

To ensure that you are prepared for your online course, the Husky CT learning environment, and your responsibilities as a University of Connecticut student, read all the information below.

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Read the syllabus and identify required course materials, software and plug-ins.

IMPORTANT: Please note that not all faculty provide their course syllabi through eCampus. If you do not see the  syllabus for your course, you can contact your instructor for more information. A list of courses and instructors can be found by navigating to the Registrar's Schedule of Classes or Student Administration System.

iconTextbooks and Materials

Obtain required course materials identified on the syllabus prior to the first day of the semester.

Required materials can normally be purchased from a vendor of your choice.  The UConn Bookstore carries many materials that can be shipped via its online service. We recommend you call the UConn Bookstore (860-486-3537) prior to making in store purchases to be sure the text and/or materials are in stock.

Note: Some online courses have no materials to purchase.

iconSoftware and Plug-ins

Your course syllabus will provide information on required plug-ins and software.

iconCourse Access: HuskyCT and Internet Requirements

Know your NetID and password; it provides access to your online course in HuskyCT, UConn’s online learning platform. Don’t know your NetID; see Student NetID Information

Note: Your Student Administration System (SAS) ID is not your NetID.

Internet Requirements and Connection Speeds
You will need dedicated access to the internet to participate in UConn online courses. We recommend the following range.
MINIMUM: Broadband (high-speed) Internet connection with a consistent minimum speed of 1.5 Mbps
RECOMMENDED: Broadband (high-speed) Internet connection with a consistent speed of 4 Mbps or higher

Login to HuskyCT to access your course. Most courses are available the first day of classes; however some courses allow early access.

iconTechnical Support
iconMobile Access

Many courses are not yet optimized for mobile devices. Please check with your instructor to see if this feature is available.

iconTips for Success
  • Read the syllabus and obtained required materials.
  • Establish a comfortable study space to complete course work.
  • Schedule consistent “course work time” into your routine. For a three credit in person course, University policy stipulates that for every 1 hour in class there is a minimum of 2 hours of student work out of class. For online courses, the minimum number of hours is a combination of the total hours required for an in person course. See the chart below:


Minimum Number of Hours Per Week
Weeks in Semester

Minimum Hours Per Week
3 Credit Online Course















Range in Number of Hours Per Week
Weeks in Semester

Range in Hours Per Week
3 Credit Online Course


9 - 12


10.5 - 14


13 - 16


16 - 21


21 - 28


25 - 34


42 - 56


  • Log-in to your course regularly:
    • Read announcements and messages: these are the primary tools the instructor will use to communicate information about the course.
    • Participate actively in discussion forums and read all posts. Most discussion forums encourage multiple posts from each student. Review the General Discussion Guidelines.
    • Pay attention to due dates.
    • Read instructor feedback on graded and returned work.
    • Check MyGrades to see your progress.
  • Submit course work on time.
    • Keep up with readings and assignments.
    • Participate in discussion and group activities in a timely manner (particularly when peers are depending on your input).
  • Ask your instructor and peers questions.
iconStudents with Disabilities
Students needing special accommodations should work with the University's Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD). You may contact CSD by calling (860) 486-2020 or by emailing If your request for accommodation is approved, CSD will send an accommodation letter directly to your instructor(s) so that special arrangements can be made. (Note: Student requests for accommodation must be filed each semester.)


For more information, please see the eCampus FAQ section.

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