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We have over 100 online courses available, so click the button below to find one that fits your needs.

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A Schedule that Works

The start and end dates for our online courses follow the University academic calendar. In addition, a specific course calendar has been developed for each online course. That calendar guides students in staying on track with the course requirements, allowing you to complete the course on schedule. You do not need to be online at a particular date and time, although there are due dates for assignments and exams (when appropriate) throughout the semester. It is important to log into your course as soon as it begins to begin your readings and assignments.

Coming to Campus and Residency Requirements

Many individual courses are taught completely online and do not require you to come to campus.  Some courses require proctored exams which may be taken on campus or at an approved off-campus site. Refer to the course syllabus (insert instructions) for course requirements.

Some programs require a residency, please refer to the program information page for more information about the specific requirements for your program.


Where and how exams are taken depends on the instructor, the type of class and other factors. For example, some online classes do not have an online exam, while others do. Course instructors will be able to give students specific exam information for their courses. In some cases, a proctored exam is required and the location for proctored exams can vary depending on where the student is located, but many options are available.

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