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University of Connecticut eCampus

About eCampus


UConn eCampus is the gateway for all online undergraduate and graduate courses, post baccalaureate certificates, graduate certificates, and graduate programs at the University of Connecticut.

All eCampus supported courses provide extensive opportunities for interaction among students and between students and faculty. Our faculty interact regularly with students in a variety of ways including e-mail, phone, instant messaging, videoconferencing, virtual and face-to-face office hours, discussion boards and chat rooms.

Accreditation & Standards

The University of Connecticut is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

eCampus designs and develops courses to meet Quality Matters™ standards for course design.

Programs developed through eCampus align with the Online Learning Consortium's Quality Framework.

Applying Credits

UConn eCampus is an integrated part of the University of Connecticut. No distinction is made between credits earned in a traditional UConn face-to-face course and credits earned in a UConn online course. Your transcript from UConn treats all courses the same; eCampus courses do not have a different designation on your transcript.

Services for eCampus Students

All UConn eCampus students have access to the following services:

Connect with UConn: