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Self-Guided Online Course Design and Development

Image: Build “What are some guidelines for creating the best video content?”

“Are there course templates available in HuskyCT to make my job easier?”

“Where can I get online and in person training on HuskyCT and other software/technologies for my course?”

“How can I be sure what I am building meets accepted standards for online courses?”


The 3 Steps of the Build Phase will help you answer these and other common questions and provide you with direct links to online training, resources, templates, and guidelines you will need to build your course.

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iconStep 1: Choose a HuskyCT Course Structure

eCampus has created an online course template that most UConn online courses are based on. You saw examples of this template in the sample courses from the Planning Phase. There are other ways of setting up your HuskyCT Sections as well. Choose the option below that best fits your needs..

  • Use the eCampus HuskyCT Template
  • Build from scratch by requesting your HuskyCT section as you normally would through the UITS
  • Use an existing course as the basis for your online course. Request your HuskyCT section and restore HuskyCT content as you normally would through the UITS

Once you have chosen a structure, be sure to brush up on our HuskyCT skills and get the proper training.

  • eCampus can provide seminars upon request for faculty using the eCampus Template.
  • HuskyCT 24x7 Support offers HuskyCT/Blackboard training and support.
    Limited face-to-face support is available through the Educational Technologies group at 860-486-5052.
  • Blackboard Instructor Help offers many tutorials, videos, and other resources related to building courses in Blackboard, the Learning management system we call HuskyCT.

iconStep 2: Build Your Modules, Activities, Assessments, Assignments, and Content
Now that you are ready to build, refer back to you Course Design Plan from the Planning Phase. You will have already identified and listed the Activities, Assessments, Assignments, and Content you need to build. The links below will help you build these elements in your course.
iconStep 3. Review and Evaluate

During this phase, use the Quality Matters Workbook to evaluate how well you have met the following standards:

  • Assessment and Measurement (Standards 3.1-3.5)
  • Instructional Materials (4.1-4.6)
  • Course Activities and Learner Interaction (5.1-5.4)
  • Course Technology (6.1-6.5)
  • Accessibility and Usability (8.1-8.5)

If you haven't yet, request the Quality Matters Workbook by emailing




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